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標題: Photo Gallery: Triassic Period  
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Photo Gallery: Triassic Period

An artist's rendering shows hatchling nothosaurs heading for the safety of water as a hungry but terrestrial Ticinosuchus attacks near a lagoon in ancient Switzerland. Nothosaurs lived during the mid- and late Triassic period and were among the earliest reptiles to take to the sea. Because nothosaurs may have had to come ashore to lay eggs, the eggs and hatchlings would have been vulnerable to Ticinosuchus. Yet once the hatchlings reached deeper waters, they were safe—for the moment.

An artist's depiction shows a Herrerasaurus lurking in a forest in what is now Argentina as smaller animals hide in the undergrowth. Herrerasaur fossils are among the oldest ever discovered, dating back about 228 million years to the mid-Triassic.

An artist's depiction captures the burst of new life that occurred in the early- to mid-Triassic period. Massive extinctions at the end of the preceding Permian period allowed the plants and animals that survived to grow and diversify relatively free of competition and predators. These conditions gave rise to the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and early crocodilians.

Chunks of petrified wood lay strewn in Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park. Most petrified trees here are of the species Araucarioxylon arizonicum, a towering conifer that grew in the humid, tropical lowlands of this region during the middle Triassic period, about 220 million years ago. Trees that fell here often landed in deep rivers, where they were quickly buried by sediment. Lack of oxygen inhibited decay, and heat and pressure over millennia turned the wood into solid quartz colored by impurities like iron, carbon, and manganese.

This middle-Triassic reptile found in Switzerland measures only about 9 inches (23 centimeters) in length. Called Pachypleurosaurus edwardsi, these primitive amphibious reptiles were nothosaurs, among the first reptiles to venture into the shallow seas of the Triassic.

Ichthyosaurs were big-eyed, dolphin-shaped marine reptiles that lived during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. This specimen, uncovered in the hills of Guizhou Province, China, was an early species that had a rather reptilian look; later species took on a more fishlike form.

A carver in Guizhou Province, China, sculpts a Keichousaurus hui fossil, referred to locally as "sea dragons," into a chunk of stone. The remains of these diminutive Triassic-era reptiles and many others are prominent and well-preserved in this region—one small mountain rich in fossils has been dubbed "Lurking Dragon Hill." In China, the dragon is a symbol of good luck, and replicas like these help to curb illicit fossil collecting.

From : Nationalgeographic

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Franco仔 (震旦紀)
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220 million years ago 三疊紀時代

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一個藝術家的渲染顯示,孵出幼體nothosaurs標題為用水安全作為一個飢餓的,但地面ticinosuchus攻擊附近的一個湖在古代瑞士。 nothosaurs生活在中和晚三疊世時期,其中最早的爬行動物採取的大海。因為nothosaurs可能不得不上岸產卵,卵和剛孵化的將都是脆弱的ticinosuchus 。然而,一旦剛孵化的達成更深的水域,他們的安全為當務之急。

一個藝術家的寫照顯示herrerasaurus隱藏在森林中,在什麼是現在阿根廷的小動物隱藏在林下。 herrerasaur化石是其中最古老的發現,可追溯到大約2.28億年至中三疊世。


大塊的石化木材奠定strewn在美國亞利桑那州的石化森林國家公園。最僵化的樹木在這裡是物種araucarioxylon arizonicum ,高聳的針葉樹增長,在潮濕,熱帶低地本地區在中三疊世時期,約2.2億年前。樹木,下跌在這裡往往降落在深的河流,在那裡他們很快就埋沉積物。缺乏氧氣的抑制衰減,熱量和壓力,幾千年來,把木材變成堅實的石英色彩的雜質一樣,鐵,碳,錳。

這中間,發現三疊紀爬行動物在瑞士的措施,只有約九英寸( 23厘米)的長度。所謂pachypleurosaurus edwardsi ,這些原始的兩棲爬行動物被nothosaurs ,其中第一爬蟲類動物,以創業到淺海的三疊紀。


1卡弗在貴州省,中國,造型一keichousaurus輝化石,所指的本地“海小龍” ,成為一個大塊石料。的遺骸,這些小型三疊紀時代的爬行動物和許多其他國家都突出和保存完好的在這一地區的一個小山區豐富的化石,被稱為“隱藏的龍山” 。在中國,龍是一種象徵好運,並複製品一樣,這些有利於遏制非法的化石採集。

來自: nationalgeographic
2008-4-26 11:26 AM#3
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