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標題: 想要多了解 肉食恐龍大小的資料請到這 將不斷更新 [打印本頁]

作者: 恐龍化身DIO    時間: 2008-1-9 09:10 PM     標題: 想要多了解 肉食恐龍大小的資料請到這 將不斷更新 ... &extra=page%3D1

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作者: Franco仔    時間: 2008-1-9 10:58 PM

此網關於肉食恐龍大小的資料或其他肉食恐龍的資料也十分之詳細和清晰... ...
Very GOOD! Thank's for share... ...
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猶他州北合恩角地巖層的UMNH 11000 ,含有大約17%的暴龍標本,其中包括顱骨和顱部以下的部分。
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作者: 恐龍化身DIO    時間: 2008-1-15 11:16 PM

The_Lost_World wrote:
I see. It's just that most reconstructions (WWD) show them much slimmer and smaller than Tyrannosaurus
WWD Tyrannosaurus model was quite off on what concerns cranial anatomy. Hence why I earlier said that, where skull reconstruction was concerned, WWD Tarbosaurus was the most resembling.
Which was bigger?
Unless I have substancial data on the skull attributed to Jenghizkhan bataar proving that the body proportions would fit within a roughly 14 meter tarbosaurinid, Tyrannosaurus was the biggest, surpassing 12 meters (40 feet) and perhaps reaching 14 meters (46 feet); whereas Tarbosaurus' has been estimated between 10 (33 feet) and 12 (40 feet
Venatosaurus rex wrote:
new discoveries suggest than rex still have the most biggest and strongest skull, the new dinosaur world discovery suggest than the dinosaurs are more larger, because they muscles are more bigger, and the t-rex (hey this is new)
of jurassic park for example have the mouth broken or something like that, rememer this, the dinosaurs grow up all they lifes so a t-rex with 30 years can grow to 16 metters, theres ore biggest animals than sue for example C-rex
Ok, what little I can make out of all the confusing stuff you said, you are mostly off.
Per example, C-rex is still to be officially recognized, and Sue was almost at the end of its life, having only a size of roughly 13 meters, how do you expect it to grow three more meters in five years? Tyrannosaurid bones show extreme growth between 15 and 20 years, almost halting afterwards, so no, dinosaurs didn't gorw as long as they lived.
Secondly, JP Tyrannosaurus was viable as an animal. The ligaments seemed strong enough to not break.
EDIT: However, if a new Tyrannosaurus specimen is actually found surpassing the 14 meter mark, I'd be quite happy. However, you have absolutely no evidence for your "16 meter" claim as evidence stands now.

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