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作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2009-1-3 04:57 PM     標題: Lufengosaurus

Species : Lufengosaurus Huenei

             Lufengosaurus Magnus (misassigned species → L. Huenei)
              Lufengosaurus Huangi
              Lufengosaurus changduensis
Meaning : Lufeng Lizard

Family :  Plateosaurus

Order : Prosauropoda

Period : Late Triassic - Middle Jurassic ( Rhaetian to Bajocian Stage)

Location : Lufeng , Sichuan , China

Diet : herbivores

Length : 6 m

Introduction :

First complete dinosaur discovered in China

Lufengosaurus, the first complete dinosaur fossil found in China, discovery by C C Young in 1941. The first dinosaur L. Huenei is name after C C Young's teacher om Germany. In 1958, a commemorative postage stamp was issued of this event.


In 1981, Cooper suggested Lufengosaurus and Yunnanosaurus were species of the South African genus Massospondylus. However, a recent reanalysis of the skull of Lufengosaurus huenei establishes it as a distinct genus separate from either Massospondylus or Yunnanosaurus.

Living Habits

Like other prosauropods, Lufengosaurus had much longer hindlimbs than forelimbs and was probably bipedal some of the time, especially when browsing for food. For its large claws,  some scientists suggested that they were perhaps partially omnivorus. However, I strongly disargee with them; the teeth of lufengosaurus are point-sharped, similar to today's iguana which are herbivorus. As I think the claws are used for defence and tear the trees apart.


Mr C C Young wrote a poem to celevrate the discovery of this dinosaurs, the poem is shown below :


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