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標題: 所有食肉恐龍咬合力統計...^^ 大家多點分數給我好嗎? [打印本頁]

作者: 恐龍化身DIO    時間: 2009-12-19 10:48 PM     標題: 所有食肉恐龍咬合力統計...^^ 大家多點分數給我好嗎?

I was reading some preview pages of book "The Carnivorous Dinosaurs" (edited by Kenneth Carpenter) on the Google Books site and
有趣的是它有一些咬合力的估計數獸腳類恐龍。 interestingly enough it had some bite force estimates for several theropods.

這裡有一個屏幕捕獲我注意到表: Here's a screen capture I took of the table:
你可以看到他們咬力量比較幾種不同的獸腳類恐龍,因為它們相對於咬力的科莫多龍和美國短吻鱷。 (For reference in this book the Gator's bite force was listed as 18912 N or about 4160 lbs of force) (參考本書鱷魚的咬合力被列為18912 N或約4160磅力)

Any thoughts on this table?任何想法在此表上? I have some comments as well as questions of my own.我有一些意見,以及我自己的問題。

-Obviously a komodo dragon has a much weaker bite force than an American Alligator and thus logically most of the theropod bite force figures relative to the komodo dragon is higher than their bite force figure relative to the gator. ,顯然,一個科莫多龍有弱得多咬合力比美國短吻鱷,因此在邏輯上的大部分獸腳亞目咬合力的數字相對於科摩多龍是高於其咬合力的數字相對於鱷魚。 The three that have it the opposite, (daspletosaurus, gorgosaurus, and that big named sauro something that I've never heard of. lol)  also have negative values for their mandibular lengths in centimeters...ummm...what's up with that?三個有它的對面,(懼龍,gorgosaurus,而大名為紹羅一些我從來沒有聽說過。大聲笑)也有負值下頜長度為他們在厘米... ummm ...這是怎麼回事與該?

-Also I'm pretty impressed with Suchomimus' bite force estimate. ,我也是非常深刻的印象似鱷龍'咬合力的估計。 They have it as a bit higher than the Allosaurus and the American Alligator.他們把它作為位高於異特龍和美國短吻鱷。 I always felt that the spinosaurs may have had a pretty hefty bite force based on how deep their teeth roots are.我一直認為,spinosaurs可能已經是相當大的咬合力的基礎上有多深的牙齒的根源所在。

-I also think the T.Rex bite force estimate is far too high. ,我也認為霸王龍咬合力估計過高。 More on that later I guess.更多關於後來我猜。

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I read the book in central library as well.
So is there online version, if so please show me the link. Because I want to read the book again and it may useful when I am not in hong kong later
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