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標題: My Expedition to Congo Basin [打印本頁]

作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2017-6-26 05:27 PM     標題: My Expedition to Congo Basin

Hey Everyone. At the Beginning of this year, I went to a research expedition to the Dja Fauna Reserve, Cameron in the Congo Basin System with UCLA. I will try to update the post if anyone want to know more about doing wildlife research in Africa.

Congo Basin

The Congo Basin in central Africa is the second largest tropical rainforest and biodiversity hotspot in the world following the Amazon in South America. "Congo" is a traditional name for the equatorial Middle Africa that lies between the Gulf of Guinea and the African Great LakesThe basin ends where the river empties its load in the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, Congo Basin covered 10 African countries:

Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo
South Sudan

The climate is equatorial tropical, with two rainy seasons including very high rainfalls, and high temperature year round. The basin is home to some of the well known African animals such as gorillas such as cross river gorilla and western lowland gorilla, chimpanzees, three species of pangolins, forest elephants, and bonobos. According to the local legend and cryptozoology, Congo Basin is also the home of the last remaining non-avian dinosaurs alive today: Mokele-mbembe. The Congo Basin is also the home of the pygmy tribe, the Baka people who are remained to be hurter-and-gatherers.

Dance in the Baka Village
The Baka village held a welcome ceremony for our research time to the village and the Jungle

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作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2017-6-26 05:31 PM

I just found that I cannot put the picture into the previous post, I will upload the picture shortly after I fix the technical problems
作者: fossilshk    時間: 2017-6-28 02:47 AM

The image address is incorrect.
作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2017-7-26 03:36 PM

This is one of the largest rocher, Bouamir, near our research station, and you can see the landscape of the whole jungle in this rocher.
BBC film the fifth "Wild Africa" episode,  "Jungle" in the exactly same spot as in this picture.

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作者: trump    時間: 2017-7-27 11:14 AM

去非洲做 research好認真啊
作者: 寒武紀    時間: 2017-7-28 12:04 PM

作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2017-7-28 02:19 PM     標題: 回復 #6 寒武紀 的帖子

That is some monkey and camera trap pictures. I will try to upload more camera trap picture when I found other good one. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any gorilla pictures. We just heard the gorilla scream but did not see any gorilla even we camped near the gorilla nest. :'(

圖片附件: [Duiker captured in our camera trap] I__00068.JPG (2017-7-28 02:19 PM, 1.16 M) / 該附件被下載次數 140

圖片附件: Monkey2.jpg (2017-7-28 02:19 PM, 944.4 K) / 該附件被下載次數 142

作者: Dinosaurprince    時間: 2017-7-28 02:38 PM

more camera trap picture

圖片附件: [Another duiker] I__00074.JPG (2017-7-28 02:38 PM, 1.37 M) / 該附件被下載次數 144

圖片附件: [Genet] I__00063.JPG (2017-7-28 02:38 PM, 775.23 K) / 該附件被下載次數 144

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